Linux kernel 4.15-rc2 for OrangePi Zero and OrangePi Zero Plus (H5)

If you are looking for newer Linux kernel for OrangePi Zero with Allwinner H2+ CPU or OrangePi Zero Plus with Allwinner H5 CPU, you can use my repository.

But only if you really know, what are you doing.

OrangePi Zero (H2+)

OrangePi Zero Plus (H5)

Linux kernel is based on linux-sunxi.

There ale also working U-Boot images and Device Tree with working WiFi.

How to use it

Just unpack arm64-<date>.tar.gz or arm-<date>.tar.gz files, copy Image/zImage kernel to the directory /boot/ and modules to the /lib/modules/ directory.

Device Tree sun50i-h5-orangepi-zero-plus.dtb or sun8i-h2-plus-orangepi-zero.dtb copy to the appropriate location, for example /boot/dtbs/.

Some isues

  • kernel warning: spidev spi1.0: buggy DT: spidev listed directly in DT
  • module 8189fs (only OrangePi Zero Plus – WiFi driver) spams log with debug messages – you can black list this module
  • module w1_gpio spams log with messages about OneWire device – usually not connected – you can black list this module
  • GPU doesn’t work
  • Temperature sensor in CPU does not work
  • Ideal for server

Module blacklist

Create file /etc/modprobe.d/opi.conf and place line blacklist 8189fs and/or blacklist w1_gpio.

Configuration for source files

If you wish to compile yourselves, the appropriate .config files for Linux kernel and U-Boot are included in specific directories.

ArchLinux SD images

There are also disc images with updated ArchLinux. Just unpack, create SD and boot. More about filesystem resize in the article Arch Linux on Orange Pi Zero.

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